Time to Vacate????!!!

With Christmas almost upon us, I've been thinking a lot about vacations.

The imagined scenes of relaxing on a pristine white beach, waves lapping gently at the shore, a light breeze wafting the scent of coconut oil and salty air, gulls cawing overhead. 

Or a mountaintop lodge, fire crackling, blanketed snow on the ground outside, a pure white wonderland of firs and pines, hot chocolate in hand, cozy blankets and fireside cuddles.

Blissful, peaceful time.


In reality though, our vacations are anything but peaceful!!

Humping bags, equipment, children, outdoor gear, food and essentials, grumbling offspring already frazzled from a long car trip.

Then when we arrive, activities are lined up. Rides, movies, sights, tours, where and when to eat, what to eat, locating children, locating partners, shopping, you name it, we fill the holidays with as much busy-ness as our normal work week. No wonder we come home wanting another vacation!!


Did you know the word Vacation actually comes from the Latin word 'Vacare'.


At its core, vacare signifies the state of being empty or unoccupied


It's what we do when we 'vacate' - remove ourselves, or empty a space. The term 'vacuous' denotes anything that lacks a valid point. The adjective helps describe the vacuum or hollowness showing in a person’s thoughts and actions.

So why when we go on vacation - do we stuff it so full?

Isn't the point to vacate? To empty ourselves of all the stuff? When we vacate a position, we give it up for someone else to occupy.

So this year, I'm going to do my best to live the meaning of the word.

Instead of heading away, I will stay put.

Empty my calendar, vacate the daily to-do list, relinquish responsibilities as much as possible (while still ensuring my children's survival!), potter about my little slice of the world and just BE.

We will be closed for BE-ing time from December 23 - January 15, 2024.

If you'd like to visit our display village during that time, please give us a call on 0418393757. (for serious lookers only - we will be open soon enough for the dreamers and the curious!)

All the best for a wonderful Christmas, see you bright and chirpy in 2024!!!





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