Pricing & Optional Extras


*please note below are the base prices. To see inclusions for each model, please head to their individual pages.

*Standard model prices below include the trailer the home is built on.


Maverick - 7.2m x 3.0m - $139,800 (flat roof)

Elki Eve - 11m x 3.0m - $218 300

Elliott - 8.2m x 3.0m - $177,900 (flat roof)

Joely - 7.2m x 3.0m - $139,100 (flat roof)

Dawson - 7.2m x 3.0m - $142,800 (flat roof)

Jackson - 7.2m x 3.0m - $137,800 (flat roof)

Charlo - 8.2m x 3.0m $169,800 (flat roof)

Emerson - 7.2m x 2.5m - $118,500 (flat roof)

Tuckers Rest - 5.2m x 2.4m - $79,800

Beau River - 5.2m x 2.4m - $99,000



*measurements are for tiny house size

5.2m x 2.4m - $14 300

6.2m x 2.4m - $16 590

7.2m x 2.4m - $18 590

8.2m x 2.4m - $20 590

9.2m x 2.4m - $22 590

All trailers include:

  • Complete aluminium chassis Ready for fit out as a Tiny Home
  • LED tail lights and number plate light
  • Heavy duty jockey wheel (swing away)
  • 7 pin Flat plug
  • Axles
  • Corner jacks x 4
  • Compliance plate
  • Blue Slip
  • VIN Number

*Prices above do not include registration fees.


*To see all of our extras and choices, please contact us.

Deck & awning - $16 300
Solar package 
(3 x 400w panels, 5kw Growatt inverter, 4 x 120A dry cell batteries) - $19 200

Solar Upgrade - (6 x 400w solar panels, 5Kw Growatt inverter, 4 x 150A lithium batteries) $28,900
2.5kw split system A/C - $2,515
Fireplace with hearth surround and installation - $7,600
Gantry walkway with handrail and wire safety ropes - $2,200
Extra windows (must be in standard dimensions and an approved placement) - $890
Skylight (pitched roof only) - $1,550 each
L-shape kitchen with pull out table - $2,000
Built in lounge with storage (fabrics selected from our colour range) - $5,400
Timber feature handrail on stairs - $1,290
Upgrade to Louvre windows - $3,380
Cafe window to kitchen - $1,720

*Please note; if having appliances supplied by us, they will be delivered in their packaging with your tiny home. We no longer unpack and install appliances. Please have help ready to lift appliances into their allocated places in your home.


*Standard delivery fee to gate: $2.80/km each way from factory address

Gate to tiny home pad position

(pad to be prepped and ready by client)                                      min   $600

(Dependent on site access, machinery needed etc)

Installation of downpipes - ready for hookup to tank by others
(Connection from house only, not deck & awning)                                $590





*Some items, if the client wishes, can be managed by Havenwood Tiny Homes on a do & charge variation to contract basis.

  • All council fees, charges & levies.
  • Establishing an accessible site - Pruning trees by contractor or council, lifting power lines, removing gates, hire of additional plant to tow & manoeuvre home to site.
  • Steep sites - Access equipment may be required to manouvre the home into position.
  • Site preliminaries (only if required) – Temporary WC service, security fencing, site waste bins & siltation barriers.
  • Site excavation to reduced levels and the removal of spoil.
  • Onsite continuation of services;
    - Sewer pipe & stack-work (including gullies & vents) all points from 50mm below floor level.
    - Water supply connections to supply and all module crossover points.
    - Stormwater downpipes from the termination point at floor level.
    - Gas and plumbing - all services including pipework and controls from the supply to the appliance must be re-inspected on site after delivery for in-transit loose fittings
    - Electrical services from the board, for underground, or the point of attachment, for aerial, to the mains supply and all module crossover points.
  • General construction that may include the enclosing of the subfloor areas, constructing steps, site-built decks that cannot be transported due to width or length, garages, carports, concrete slabs & driveways, paving, fencing & landscaping.
  • Engagement of consultants for site specific advice such as town planning, Geotechnical investigations, Site service scans, Surveys, Engineering relating to specific site matters.
  • Crane hire (including travel and establishment cost). Havenwood will determine a suitable crane with adequate capacity for the lift and, along with the installation team, determine an appropriate traffic management plan (TMP).
  • Traffic management - When required an approved, licensed contractor will plan and seek a permit from Council to control the site & environment during the installation.
  • Police escorts – If directed as a condition of the transport permit, police may be required to escort a load in addition to our company escorts, on certain routes with restricted access conditions, due to either the overall width or length of the load.






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