Off Grid Information


Our solar package is an optional extra that can be added to any of our models. The price is inclusive of the installation to your tiny home (positioning and amount of panels may be limited depending on your roof shape and size). You can also choose to have your solar panels mounted on a trailer or onto the ground, which would allow them to be in full sun if your tiny home is located in the shade.

Going off grid may be a new concept to you, and it may be required of you to change habits to reduce your energy consumption. You may also like to research more energy efficient appliances, or upgrade to a larger solar package to accommodate for higher energy consumption.

We also recommend upgrading your off grid experience to include a smart generator (which we can supply). The use of an external power source may be required as a backup when the weather has not been in your favour, or if you have periods of high energy consumption (like having guests over, or an event).

In consultation with our solar and battery providers, we have put together a package to suit the majority of energy requirements.



3 x 450w panels
1 x 5kw Growatt inverter 
4 x 120v dry cell batteries (can be changed to lithium batteries at an extra cost)


1 x Westinghouse Smart Generator $2,699



Included in the base prices of our homes is an EcoFlo compost toilet, Clivus Multrum. This provides an eco-friendly alternative to standard plumbed-in toilets. The perfect solution for remote locations, and to keep your tiny home classed as a caravan. 

There are many eco-friendly toilets on the market today which can all be installed in your tiny home. If opting for something other than our standard compost toilet, you will need to order it and have it delivered to our factory for installation. Please note; there may be extra costs involved.


All of our homes are fitted with gutters which are included in the base price. This will allow you to collect your own rain water. We can supply water tanks upon delivery, and can install for an extra fee.

2,000L rain water tank (round) - $1,200

5,000L rain water tank (round) - $1,950

5,000L Colorbond slimline water tank - $2,750

Installation of downpipes and tank hookup - $590


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