How to Order


Come along to our display village and look over all the different models we are building for our clients. This will give you a really good indication of what kind of model you are after and you can spend time sitting inside homes to get a feel for tiny home living, and if it suits you! If you would like a longer personal tour by one of our client services team, then book online with us via


After building many homes for clients in the last couple of years, we have revised our build process, and now have two paths available for you to choose.


This is our quickest and most cost effective option.

You will choose from our models on offer and are able to customise the following to suit your needs:

  • Standard doors can be upgraded to bi-fold
  • Extra windows can be added as long as they are in our standard sizes
  • Room sizes can be adjusted within the building envelope as long as the kitchen layout remains as is.
  • Extra length can be added without changing layout.
  • Selection of flat/pitched roof
  • Choice of kitchen colours from our range
  • Choice of tapware colour
  • Choice of window colour (charcoal or white)
  • Choice of flooring from our 100% waterproof vinyl plank range
  • Choice of exterior wall/roof finish in Colourbond or Vinyl Formplank
  • Skylight addition
  • Other minor accessories



 To have Havenwood design and build you a customised home that modifies walls, windows, and kitchen layouts takes considerable time and effort.

This option will require you to work with a designer to get your home layout to your requirements and can take as little as 3 months or much longer to get through the design process before we move to the build stage.

We will not proceed to a build start date for your home until all customisation is squared away – so if you want this option, be prepared for the process to take longer. There is a $3,000 design fee for this option and you will have original scale plans drawn and approved prior to commencement.



Once you have decided on your option, we will require a 20% build deposit (based on our standard model prices - for customisation clients, this amount will be taken from the standard model pricing plus the design fee).

This gets you a build date, your trailer is ordered and we are underway!

At this stage, we will need to know 4 things to get going:

  • Your model choice (and flat or pitched roof)
  • Your trailer size (7.2m, 8.2m or 9.2m for our larger models)
  • Your window colour
  • Your external finishes choice (walls and roof)



This is the fun part! We will require you to make an appointment within 2-4 weeks of your deposit payment, to visit our showroom and choose your finishes, and any other extras you are including in your home. Before you come to that meeting (we really ask that this is an in-person appointment) please peruse all of our available optional extras and give yourself a clear idea of how your home will look. 

This meeting will take about 2 hours, so allow some time!!

We will then send you the final pricing based on your decisions, to review and approve.

Once we have your signed paperwork, your price is fixed and any material increases will not affect your costs.

Very rarely will we allow changes to your plans once we have your final paperwork. Of course, if it’s a cosmetic change such as paint colour, we can make allowance for minor adjustments once we begin.



Once we have begun your build, there are a number of key times we will be in touch with you for you to inspect your build's progress, prior to payment of that stage invoice as per our contract.

We can either do an in-house visit, or a video call to walk you through the inspection.

Extras/Variations – we don’t want them! They slow the build process, and can cause frustration for all, but IF there is an approved variation, then payment of that variation will be required on agreement of the variation and will be in addition to the agreed price.



Just prior to finalising your home build, we will be in touch regarding registration of your trailer, squaring away all delivery costs and final invoicing.

We will also check that your site is home ready, as this is your responsibility and can affect our delivery times.

(Of course, if the weather situation is sketchy as it has been in the last months, then we will work around it)

Once your home is complete, we ask that you organise to have it delivered within 2 weeks of finalisation, as we do not have the room to store it.

*Please note; if having appliances supplied by us, they will be delivered in their packaging with your tiny home. We no longer unpack and install appliances. Please have help ready to lift appliances into their allocated places in your home. 


We will be in touch with you after your home has been delivered, to ensure everything is running smoothly.

We are always only a phone call away, and if you are using your home as a rental, please let us know and we will add it to our STAYS page on our website.

Our homes carry a product warranty of one year, but we are accessible to help you at any stage of your tiny home journey, and have successfully on sold numerous client homes, for above purchase prices!

Every home helps us become better at what we do, and we are always looking at more ways to serve our clients from pre home dreaming right through to second and third home purchasing!

 We look forward to working with you on achieving your freedom dreams!!