How to Order

So you want a tiny house but don't know where to start? Below is a step by step for choosing a Havenwood tiny home on wheels and making sure it has everything you need!


The first thing you need to do is pick which model best suits your needs (don't worry about changes or extras, you have time to choose those later). What you want to look for is the floor layout which you like best. Alongside this you need to decide how long you want your tiny home. Our tiny homes range in size from 5.2m to 9.2m long.

The only other thing you need to decide in this step is what colour you want your window frames to be. Your choices for this are white or charcoal.

After you have decided the above, you will pay a 20% deposit of the BASE PRICE of the model you chose (please note; final build price may vary if you choose optional extras in the next step). This locks your spot in our build queue, and we order your trailer and windows ready for construction. Your contract will be drafted up for you to sign (additional extras will be added to contract in next step).


After paying your 20% deposit, the fun begins! You will have a meeting (in person or video call) to go through decisions below.

Approximately 4-6 weeks after step one you will need to decide on your exterior finishes (cladding type and colour) and if you will have a deck & awning built by us and attached to your tiny home. You will also need to focus on your interiors; wall colour for painting and what optional extras you would like. We have a list on our website with prices so you can choose while also keeping your budget in mind. The main extras you need to decide are things that require electrical or plumbing work. 

Your final contract gets drawn up for you to sign with final costs. After you sign this, there are to be no changes! We are firm on this, as changes are expensive to you and extremely time consuming. (Please note; kitchen decisions are in the next step).


We understand the kitchen is the heart of home and is very important to most of our clients. In this step you will decide on your kitchen layout (including cupboards & drawers) and what finishes you want (cupboard colour, bench tops, handles). If you are sourcing your own handles, tap ware or sinks, these need to be at our factory ASAP.

The kitchen plans will be sent to you within one week of construction commencing on your home. These plans need to be confirmed within 48 hours. If you have any changes, you will need to be in contact with us to do so. Once kitchen has been confirmed by both you and our team, there are to be NO CHANGES. Again, changes are costly in both time and finances.


Your delivery date will be confirmed (this may change due to weather or if your site is not ready). During this step, the tiny home will be registered in your name. You will have a final inspection at our factory before your delivery. Failure to attend a final inspection will not delay your delivery, however if you have any issues you will be required to return the tiny home to our factory at your cost (as per the warranty period in your contract).


Congratulations!! You are now the proud new owner of your very own tiny home! Whether you're living in your home permanently, or holidaying on weekends, or using it as short term accommodation for others, we hope you enjoy it! We love working with our clients to help them achieve their dreams, and we want to thank you for choosing Havenwood. 

For after sales service or enquiries, please email us at