Our Story

We've been in the building industry for over 30 years, but have always had our hearts in the country. Rick grew up in Central west NSW, and Shani in Sydney's south, and together we dreamt of a life where our children could have the freedom and space to thrive in a rural setting.

We moved to our little slice of heaven in the hills of Jamberoo in 2017 and had great plans to simplify our work life and live a life on the land, whilst producing handmade and homegrown items which we hoped to sell through a little farmgate store nestled amongst the paddocks we had planted with thousands of trees and shrubs. We named it Havenwood, - “a place of refuge” for our family and tribe of foster children.

In the beginning, we built a cute little farmgate stand, that we placed down the front of our farm, and offered homemade wares, some vintage goods, and produce from our land. This little stall, open only on weekends, brought in some much needed income to fund chicken feed and farm upkeep. We began to hang around the stall on weekends to meet the customers popping in, and fell in love with the idea of wanting to invite the weary traveller in for refreshment and inspiration. This was not meant to be…as neighbours and Council felt that this would impact on the quiet rural amenity that they enjoyed!

After about 18 months of wrestling with our local authorities to see this vision come to pass, and being frustrated at the doors being shut in our face for a tourism based business on our farm, we decided to take a chance on developing the tiny home concept that we had built for one of our daughters and her family, and see if this was a path we should take. We had no idea at this stage there was a tiny home ‘movement’, TV shows or the groundswell of interest in this lifestyle.

Little did we know that the tiny homes would grow! Starting a business a few months before the world turns upside down in a pandemic is crazy right?!

In the next two years, we worked as hard as we ever have, building a business from the ground up, taking tiny homes to shows, meeting thousands of wonderful people and introducing them to an alternative home concept. (so much for slowing down!!)

Every day since then, we have made it our mission to serve our clients well, to provide homes that bring life and joy to their owners. Taking all of our combined years of building experience, our love of interiors that spark authentic living, bringing in handmade and bespoke materials, and staying true to who we are and how we believe life should be lived, we hope to inspire you also to walk forward into your dreams.

Life is short, and too beautiful, not to give it a good crack!

We would love to journey with you to create your own haven....






“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.”

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