Why do other people have what you want?

Rick had a phone call yesterday from one of our clients who are settling into their home, and wanted to call and say thank you so much, that they are now walking in the dream they had of living out of the city, being able to watch the host of heavenly stars as their nightly TV, they can see their future without extra saddled debt eating away at them. They were emotional and grateful.

On the same day another call came through from a client whose land had fallen through due to some challenges, who was deeply distressed and saddened. Rick response to them was “Where’s your faith?!  You’ve stepped out in faith to start, don’t let this setback stop you from moving forward. Get up, dust yourself off, and go again!"

There’s an old saying “faith without works is dead.” It's a biblical principle, but it’s also one of those universal truths that everyone lives under but may not realise. If you have a vision for your life, it’s not going to come pass sitting on your lounge wishing it into being. There’s a second part, WORKS!!



Anything worth having and worthy of your time is going to take effort! Sweat equity makes the reward so much sweeter.

The people already living their tiny home dream are no different to you. They had a vision for their life and they took action to see it happen.

98% of our beautiful clients are getting up every day, walking around inside their reality, of the dream they put into action. (And in full transparency, sometimes, the beginning was bumpy. However, looking back over time, there was combination of small things not quite firing with things like solar, combined with adjusting to a new way of living that requires more learning, like how much power to use in a day when you’re fully off grid). But the great majority, when we talk with them 12 months, 2 and 3 years later, are blissfully living the life most of us only ever dream of.

So what makes these people different to you? How do you get from the pretty Pinterest board of your dream life to sitting on the deck of your own tiny haven? (if you haven’t done some visualisation work on what you want your future to look like, today is a great place to start. Send me a message and I can give you some easy tips).


Here’s some words from past clients who are where you want to be:

This is a long overdue review of our wonderful tiny from Havenwood. We’ve now had it on site for over 12 months and have really appreciated the process from design to install to support. The product is without exception the best we’ve seen and great value. Over the last 12 months we’ve really got to appreciate everything our tiny offers. The install was a difficult site which Rick made happen with ease and throughout the last 12 months any issues have been attended to really quickly. They are a genuinely great bunch at Havenwood with great product to go along with it.


Havenwood Tiny Homes have been nothing but helpful, friendly and accommodating in the purchase of our tiny home. Nothing is a problem for them and made the whole process very smooth.


For 12 months now I have been living in my Havenwood (not so) Tiny Home and am so happy. I have made it a lovely and cozy home that impresses all my friends and family (none had been in one so it has now become a 'display' home and am happy to do the honours ;-). I have been made to feel so welcome from the beginning as a Havenwood family member since my journey started last year. Yes you pay top dollar but if you want to go off grid and have 'everything' included, (so much clever storage space by the way, and you can make the choice how you want the layouts), making it super comfy and practical, especially the deck with awning which is a must, it is worth every penny. Rick, Storm and Shani (and later Stu ofcourse) are GOOD people and that is how it felt when I met them and that made the choice easy. Ps Rick managed to find me a beautiful spot in the Jamberoo area. Lucky me. And oh, am not missing those electricity bills.


Havenwood Tiny Homes built a tiny house for us. We worked together to create a home that suited our property & we are beyond excited & truly happy with the end result! Rick, Shani & Storm & all the team were excellent to work with!


Our family of 4 live in a tiny home built by Havenwood Tiny Homes and we can't thank them enough! We absolutely love the quality of the build, the practicality of the design and the personal touches. Recommend them highly!


So what are you waiting for? Get a jump start on the new year and talk to us NOW. Now is the best day of your life! You are not guaranteed tomorrow, yesterday is gone. Let's do this thing!!

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