When people stand up, things happen!

When people stand up, things happen!

This is such significant news.

Local law changed to allow tiny homes on wheels | Mount Alexander Shire Council

We call on other local councils to bring 'Local Law 13' from Mt Alexander Shire Council to pass.

We as a community are tired of hearing the promises about doing something to help the housing crisis,  we want to see action, put pen to paper and do the same!

We commend you Mt Alexander Shire Council for being proactive and actively seeking to relieve the burden on young couples, single mothers, and the elderly.

"People interested in camping or occupying a caravan or tiny home on wheels on private property where there is an existing dwelling can do so without a permit as long as the camping does not cause any detrimental impact."

No longer bogged down by erroneous laws, fees and charges, this is a huge win for the regular Aussie, whose dreams of home ownership and somewhere to flourish, can again become reality.

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