Legacy, Awards, David & Goliath?!

Legacy, Awards, David & Goliath?!

Do you often wonder if you make a difference? Like, 'what am I here for' type questions?? It's a reflection that rumbles around in my head more as I age, wanting to leave a legacy behind that will make my family proud to say I was their mum or nanna. Making things by hand that might survive a generation or two, writing snail mail letters to my grandbabies who don't even know what a stamp is, let alone collect them like I did as a child.

So this week, we learned we are finalists in the People’s Choice for Favourite Australian Tiny House builder in the inaugural Tiny House Industry Awards. We are absolutely chuffed to be amongst a line-up of stellar companies. Some of these companies have been the forerunners of the movement here in Australia, and boast social media followings in the 50,000+ range. They are movers and shakers and well-deserving of recognition. We feel a little like David and Goliath!! 

Recognition is lovely, and we bask in encouragement just like anyone else. It spurs us on to be better, to serve more and to persevere and pioneer new ground in a very exciting time in our country's housing history.

Some of these companies report output in the 100's every year, that's super impressive and one we aspire to, without losing who we are as a family business, and having some fun along the way!

We hope we can and have been of some benefit to you so far in your tiny home journey, or given you a bit of a laugh (with us, not at us haha!!)

The form for voting is linked here

VOTING ENDS 6pm Friday August 18. Voting is open to all Australian residents, one vote per person. 

Thanks so much, have a super lovely week!

(PS: write someone a letter...by hand....on paper....and mail it in a perfumed envelope!!)


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