Important Question: Can you knit and ride???

Hobbies are one of the greatest sources of joy in our lives. I believe we are all wired with innate gifts and interests that spark passion in our hearts.

It could be sports, or reading, a traditional craft, or tinkering with model boats. Basket weaving, deep sea fishing, pottery, metal or silversmithing, putting a plank of wood on a lathe and turning a bowl...whatever you do, it makes you who you are, and without our hobbies we would be super boring humans!

Rick and I have been married for over 30 years, and our hobbies are vastly different! For many years, I would pull my hair out that he had no interest in anything I was doing, making or pursuing. I couldn't understand why there were so many wonderful husbands pottering about with their wives at craft fairs and mine didn't even ask where I'd been all day when I would return home laden with bags of fabric, wool, yarn, or paint!

But now, being older and (hopefully!) wiser, I believe having interests outside of each other's sphere is a good thing for marriage. (I actually couldn't imagine anything worse than Rick walking around a quilt shop touching every piece of fabric, picking up and putting down all the notions, we would probably be asked to leave!)

So when he told me he was building a 'toy hauler' for guys who ride, I knew it was going to be a beauty. Because he lives for dirt in his teeth, for going as fast as possible through mud and muck, being covered in the spray from another rider that sticks to his bike gear like concrete. He loves being away with mates, around a campfire after a big day in the bush, 4WD-ing and exploring trails, even better if there is a gash that needs stitching or an epic stack that is talked about for years. (and gets bigger with the re-telling!)

HE KNOWS WHAT IS NEEDED for a trip like this. And the toy hauler is brilliant for just that. Adventure, thrill, no-frills, hose out when you get home, all amenities included. 


2.4m wide x 2400 high  x 7.2m long,

Ball weight 1.8 tonne

Tare Weight: 2.1 tonne


Gas hot water system

100L water tank

Storage buckets

Pressure on demand water pump

4 x bunk beds

Shower cubicle with screen, vanity basin and composting toilet

Stainless steel sink and bench

70L Fridge/freezer

2 x gas hotplates

400mm microwave

2 x security check plate rear barn doors

Sliding glass entry door with flyscreen

2 x windows

Checkerplate floor throughout

4 x motorbike wheel clamps and appropriate hold down lugs

Bogey axle with electric brakes

1.2m checkerplate toolbox

Jerry can holder

Gas bottle holder

3 x GPO's

3 x LED internal lights

1 x external light

1 x external double GPO

50mm Refrigeration panel construction

Structural aluminium trailer


So if it's dirt, speed, sweat, mud and a unexplored bush track that gets you fired up, give us a call and take a look over the FLAME Toy Hauler.

I could even pop a little basket in there if you want to bring your knitting!!

Have a great week,



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