Going it alone.

Going it alone.

I booked a trip today. To a lot of people, that doesn’t mean much. People travel all the time right?!


For me though it was a huge step. For the first time I am going to be all alone. And I need to do this.

I need to do something for me. After 32 years of mothering, and still a number of years to go before the last foster child is of age, I need to step away from the craziness for just a few days. (Any longer and I might not come back!!) There are many friends who would join me, the children have begged to come along, but this one is just for me. I’m going to the one place I’ve longed to visit after a steady diet of Hallmark Christmas movies and feel-good chick flicks where the scenery is divine, the colours exquisite and there is always, always a red barn!


I’m petrified, of all the what-if’s and buts…. “What if I get stuck on the other side of the world?” “What if I get sick while I’m there?” “But who is going to look after all the kiddos?” “Who will make sure everything is still ticking over in the business?”

As soon as you make a decision, it seems the whole world conspires against you to make you doubt, fear, second-guess.

I’ve watched many single women push forward in the direction of their dreams through Havenwood.

They’ve come to us with a desire to live a different life. They may be raising young children and finding themselves alone, have already raised a family and now find themselves single again, have been widowed, or have chosen a solitary life for any number of reasons. The majority of our clientele have stories that tug at our heart strings, and their courage and tenacity inspire us daily.

Rick has no desire to visit another country, and that’s fine – after all, as he says “we live in the best holiday destination on the planet.” And I get it, I don’t have wanderlust in my bones. All I have ever dreamed of was to be a mum and live a very simple life in the country, raising babies and dirt-grown food, loving on my people and my community. Giving and sharing life within a modest circle of influence. When I went to my 20-year school reunion, I was the only one with numerous children, still with their spouse, and had no titillating stories to share!


Maybe those Hallmark movies are schmaltzy, idealistic and romanticised, but I see enough tragedy, grief and heartache all around me without watching it again on social media or the big screen. Heck, there’s enough melodrama in my own household to warrant a reality tv show!

So if you are feeling it’s time to do something a little adventurous, you’ve been wanting to press the button on long held dreams, this might be your ‘poke’ to get onto it today!

Hey, if I can go forward and tick something off my bucket list, then you certainly can!

And if it’s a tiny home you’re after, a little bit of space to call your very own, CALL US TODAY!!



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Hope you get to see Lehmans Store, that is a place I would love to go. When they build the bridge I will go. 😊


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