Can two little words really make a difference?!

Can two little words really make a difference?!

This week, we received a hand written note from some family members, whose wedding we had hosted earlier in the year.

In an age of digital immediate-ness, getting a graphic cardstock postcard in the mail was thrilling! To think they had taken the time to write (in ink!) a heartfelt personal note made us feel ten feet tall.

It got me thinking about gratitude, and how often we really show people we care. 

It's a personal fundamental for us that we taught our children good manners,  saying 'thank you' to their friend's parents as they left a party, or for having them over to play.

I feel deeply upset when those in my care do not extend thankfulness to others, because it is so important to me that they grow to understand the benefits of thanksgiving, both as a lifestyle that brings peace to themselves, and a way of seeing the world for its goodness and not its lack.

Rick and I have been married for over 33 years, and it can be easy to forget to appreciate each other in our daily lives. Especially in the busy-ness of being in business together.

The words "Thank You" have the ability to motivate, create good will, make peace, and solidify love and commitment.

Havenwood Tiny Homes has been ticking along now for over three years, and there are so many people who have made it what it is today. I hope we have shown gratitude to our staff, our clients, our suppliers and to the community that has embraced us.

Over on Facebook, there is currently a vote for the inaugural Tiny House Industry Awards - Peoples Choice category.

If we have helped you to secure your tiny home dream, or given advice for your own build, answered questions online or at a show that has been beneficial, we would LOVE if you could tick our name and vote for us!








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