Are we planning to fail? Or failing to plan?

Henry Ford said, “You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do.

Most of us know about New Years Resolutions. Whether we make them, then break them. Or not make them at all.

In the chaos that is the lead up to Christmas, then that feeling of immense exhaustion that can crush us after the heavy workload is over for another year, we can leave thinking about the future until well into the weeks of January.

Dan Miller, author of "48 days to the work you love" has been an online mentor for me for a number of years. 

He says, "Success is never an accident. It typically starts as imagination, becomes a dream, stimulates a goal, grows into a plan of action—which then inevitably meets with opportunity. Don’t get stuck along the way.” 

Listening to his weekly podcasts, he has taught us that it takes about 48 days to acquire a new habit, so instead of waiting until the New Year to begin to dream about 'what could be', he suggests starting 48 days prior to the year's end, so by the time you have turned over a new page on the calendar, you are well on your way!

As of today there are only 41 days left of this year, so I'm grabbing our 2024 planner, some blank paper, a few nice new pens, ordering the coffees and treats, and taking some time out to do the necessary dream work that grows into action!

How about you? Why don't you join me this year and begin to make a plan to see those dreams come to life? 

The fruits of a fulfilling life—happiness, confidence, enthusiasm, purpose, and money—are mainly by-products of doing something we enjoy, with excellence, rather than things we can seek directly.

It has been an absolute pleasure and joy serving the tiny home community this year, we have enjoyed (mostly) every minute!

If there is something you'd like to see us add into our business in 2024, shoot us a reply - we will include it in our planning session!!



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